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At first people who become too dependent on technology couldn’t do it they will struggle and stumble because technology has been with them for so long that they forgot to live without it. But there is a high chance that mankind will survive without technology. Humanity’s ancestors survive only using knives and rocks then why can’t the 21st century people?

However it would be difficult for the people who are severely dependent on technology, according to one TED talk by Sherry Turkle, to the point they will have a breakdown because they need the internet in order to survive. Which is ridiculous to hear but it is still a possibility there are some people who needed the internet more than their social life. But do not worry though, people will get over it. There will be withdrawals and it won’t be pretty at first but in time people adapt that’s the good thing about humans they adapt to changes and evolve. Humanity will evolve with or without the technology.

So too answer the question, is mankind will survive with technology without no trouble. People really do need to let go of their addiction to technology for people like you might accidentally alienate each other because you prefer to talk to them into the phone or computer instead of meeting them face to face. Technology really does cause troubles to other people whenever they misuse it. there are some people struggling with their social skills and cannot adapt properly to their surrounding because of too much pressure so they heavily rely on using the computer as a way for them to have an out of sorts.


In order to avoid having that can of incident, not only it will affect the person’s daily life but possibly the world as well. People need to learn that they can live with computers, internet, wife and cellphone. They can survive a day without them and there is no fear in letting it go. People usually are careless to some things and they let it affect them this is why that technology is an essential to the human survival if humanities ancestors can survive without the use of technology by using only simple knife and spear then why can’t you?

Do not be afraid because humans are strong and they have a good instinct for survival. In time technology will be of no use of use and one day will be lost without it because for so long technology has become a part of our lives and people soon learn that they can no longer live without it. That, that kind of sentence is wrong and not true. People will survive, you will survive and people will soon evolve once again with or without technology it doesn’t matter because the solution to answer to all of problems is simple, humans are the answer, not technology. Humans will soon learn to no longer rely technology too much. Because the fact is that humans will survive and will continue on living without it.