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In many years humanity has grown and become more intelligent as the years passed by. From the old age were people usually used knives and spears to the 21st century were mankind has found a way to build computers and contain electricity. A decade later mankind has found another way to improve our communication using the internet through the internet people can now communicate long distance and there’s no more need for using birds as messengers. You no longer need to wait for many months for your letter to travel when you have the internet that can send and receive message in seconds.

Humanity has evolved a lot and they create and build new things in order to improve the people’s daily lives. You have vehicle to travel from place to place, planes where you can fly coast to coast, refrigerator where you can store cold meals and store ice. Computers and phones have evolved as well; they become faster, and can last longer than their past selves. They are more advance and can store many things including your files, pictures, videos and many more. The computer and phones have become humanity’s special favorite and if you add with the internet you can no longer decide if you hate it or love it.


There are many good things that technology has done for us. It has improved people daily lives and it solves people’s solution. It can support the people, protect the people, and give life to the people and whatever can of equipment that you owned you cannot dent that technology has many useful benefits that changes our lives.

It all depends on how you use it as well. It cannot be denied when technology can be used for evil as well. Technology can be the death to the people if ever they misuse them so you shouldn’t stay ignorant as well. Although technology maybe a potential danger to all of mankind it doesn’t erase the fact that I can bring beautiful things. If it weren’t for advanced technology, mankind would never get the chance to see the stars and study space. Mankind always finds ways to make the people live and a comfortable life and by building new things that will change the course of the history is the only way to move forward, then why not?

Mankind is strong and resilient. They are intelligent and resourceful they will always find a way to answer life’s questions. One day people will get the chance to live in another planet and it all thanks to the advancement of their technology. Technology can be good if used for good. It can help us discover new things that you would never believe that it exists and it can help you learn more interesting information. Technology is a tool for mankind and it is the key to our advance future that can change the fate of the world and its people. You cannot deny that it has potential for greatness.