profile picture 11Hey Everybody!

My name is Jack Clove and I’ve been working as an IT for 5 years now. I have a vast, extensive knowledge that has to do with computer-related technology, coupled with 8 years of experience in fixing broken and problematic technology of any kind; I can give you some advices and guidelines for you to follow in regards to your own technical problems. When I first began my sort-of training, more like self-studying, it took me a lot of trials and a hit and miss moments whenever I tried to work with computers myself. Despite the failures that I have encountered, I know for a fact it gives me more information about computers, which I am grateful for.

If you ever have a problem regarding your own computer, or you just simply need help in whatever technology issue you got there, try reaching out to me by using the contact us page. I’ll be there to assist you in any way.

Your Friend,

Jack Clove