Advance Technology: Is It A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing?

Lately technology has been evolving for many years now from their old age where humans survive only knife and spears to the 20th century printer and computers. The computers, phones and TVs have grown more and more advance as the years passed by and the heart that connects the people or connects the machine is the World Wide Web. Internet is also another proof how far humanity has grown and sometimes that the advance in technology are a good tool to support and improve humanity from mundane things to building weapons of mass destruction.

Not every creation is a death weapon but it can also save lives. Many life supports and medical equipment is an example where technology can help and preserve human lives. Technology is being a good thing to humanity or bad has been an on-going debate for a while now and there is no concrete answer for it.

Technologies have many perks; the pros and there are a lot of ways were humanity can benefit from technology. Technology has many uses from vehicles, entertainment, electricity and communication so of course humanity loves technology and its uses because it is very convenient, useful and a sign of the future.


They view the success of technology as a signof humanity’s future and its intelligence. There are so many ways you can do with just a simple equipment and build something grand that will be the crown jewel for the world and its people. Technology has slowly become a part of the people’s lives to the point that you are depended on it and can no longer be confident or secure without the internet.

This is where it goes bad and why people view technology is another road to humanities destruction. People rely too much on the internet, their TVs, their phones and computer that they sometimes forget about themselves. They rely on phones for communication and even when children text they ignore the people, including their family around them, because they are too self-absorb in what they are doing. Technology sometimes strips us from our humanity in a way people become too self-absorb with it that they forgot how to interact. Texting, calling, and chatting someone on the internet maybe another form of communication and it is advance because you can finally talk to someone from a far distance, unlike from the before where letters has become a tool for communication, but people sometimes disregard the fact they can no longer meet people in person.

There are too man NEETs in the world, people who struggle with social interaction to the point the lock themselves in their room and using technology, more specifically the computer and the internet as their out, their safe haven. It is hard to determine which is right or wrong for humanity for you cannot deny how successful the people are when it comes to technology. For you will never know if technology will bemankind’s greatest creation or their destruction.

How Technology Help The Future Of Mankind?

In many years humanity has grown and become more intelligent as the years passed by. From the old age were people usually used knives and spears to the 21st century were mankind has found a way to build computers and contain electricity. A decade later mankind has found another way to improve our communication using the internet through the internet people can now communicate long distance and there’s no more need for using birds as messengers. You no longer need to wait for many months for your letter to travel when you have the internet that can send and receive message in seconds.

Humanity has evolved a lot and they create and build new things in order to improve the people’s daily lives. You have vehicle to travel from place to place, planes where you can fly coast to coast, refrigerator where you can store cold meals and store ice. Computers and phones have evolved as well; they become faster, and can last longer than their past selves. They are more advance and can store many things including your files, pictures, videos and many more. The computer and phones have become humanity’s special favorite and if you add with the internet you can no longer decide if you hate it or love it.


There are many good things that technology has done for us. It has improved people daily lives and it solves people’s solution. It can support the people, protect the people, and give life to the people and whatever can of equipment that you owned you cannot dent that technology has many useful benefits that changes our lives.

It all depends on how you use it as well. It cannot be denied when technology can be used for evil as well. Technology can be the death to the people if ever they misuse them so you shouldn’t stay ignorant as well. Although technology maybe a potential danger to all of mankind it doesn’t erase the fact that I can bring beautiful things. If it weren’t for advanced technology, mankind would never get the chance to see the stars and study space. Mankind always finds ways to make the people live and a comfortable life and by building new things that will change the course of the history is the only way to move forward, then why not?

Mankind is strong and resilient. They are intelligent and resourceful they will always find a way to answer life’s questions. One day people will get the chance to live in another planet and it all thanks to the advancement of their technology. Technology can be good if used for good. It can help us discover new things that you would never believe that it exists and it can help you learn more interesting information. Technology is a tool for mankind and it is the key to our advance future that can change the fate of the world and its people. You cannot deny that it has potential for greatness.

Is It Possible For You To Survive Without Technology?

At first people who become too dependent on technology couldn’t do it they will struggle and stumble because technology has been with them for so long that they forgot to live without it. But there is a high chance that mankind will survive without technology. Humanity’s ancestors survive only using knives and rocks then why can’t the 21st century people?

However it would be difficult for the people who are severely dependent on technology, according to one TED talk by Sherry Turkle, to the point they will have a breakdown because they need the internet in order to survive. Which is ridiculous to hear but it is still a possibility there are some people who needed the internet more than their social life. But do not worry though, people will get over it. There will be withdrawals and it won’t be pretty at first but in time people adapt that’s the good thing about humans they adapt to changes and evolve. Humanity will evolve with or without the technology.

So too answer the question, is mankind will survive with technology without no trouble. People really do need to let go of their addiction to technology for people like you might accidentally alienate each other because you prefer to talk to them into the phone or computer instead of meeting them face to face. Technology really does cause troubles to other people whenever they misuse it. there are some people struggling with their social skills and cannot adapt properly to their surrounding because of too much pressure so they heavily rely on using the computer as a way for them to have an out of sorts.


In order to avoid having that can of incident, not only it will affect the person’s daily life but possibly the world as well. People need to learn that they can live with computers, internet, wife and cellphone. They can survive a day without them and there is no fear in letting it go. People usually are careless to some things and they let it affect them this is why that technology is an essential to the human survival if humanities ancestors can survive without the use of technology by using only simple knife and spear then why can’t you?

Do not be afraid because humans are strong and they have a good instinct for survival. In time technology will be of no use of use and one day will be lost without it because for so long technology has become a part of our lives and people soon learn that they can no longer live without it. That, that kind of sentence is wrong and not true. People will survive, you will survive and people will soon evolve once again with or without technology it doesn’t matter because the solution to answer to all of problems is simple, humans are the answer, not technology. Humans will soon learn to no longer rely technology too much. Because the fact is that humans will survive and will continue on living without it.

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